Suggestions list for iPad

I’ve made a class that helps you deal with suggestions on iPad. It shows suggestions as you start typing. For example, I need to provide city name, as I’m typing the first letter, suggestion list pops over. Then I can choose city name from the list and it pops out in textfield. This increases speed of filling the forms and helps with keeping consistency in a database.

Grab it from Github


5 thoughts on “Suggestions list for iPad

  1. Hi;
    I really liked your Suggestions list for iPad !!
    I did the same thing in my project.. but the popup didnt show-up !!!
    Any suggestion ?!

    Thank you in advance..

    • Are you sure you set text field delegate ? try putting some breakpoint and see if it’s enter the my code

      • Yes, I set the text field delegate !!
        I tried to put some breakpoint into your code.. but it did’t enter !!

        Plz.. help 😦
        Thank you..

  2. I got it !!!!!
    The (initWithNibName) was not called .. so I put [SuggestionsList alloc] in the viewDidLoad .. and it works fine 😀

    Thank you tetek 🙂

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