4 thoughts on “I’ve deleted my Facebook profile

  1. what I’ve figured out today is that there are two ways of socializing. Online and offline. Even if my offline socializing is fulfilled (we have a party here right now), I don’t feel the same way about online socializing.

  2. I hope you’re still going strong on this! I deactivated my facebook today and I hope that I can go at least a month without that little blue gremlin!
    I used Twitter more than Facebook anyway, because I think people get snarky if you status update loads on facebook, also, twitter isn’t a platform that’s used to be liked and stuff, if you don’t like what I say, simple, don’t follow me! Its not as blatent as a friendship request.

    • I’m still without Facebook. I’ve simply forgotten it. I’m not hard on myself or whatever, I just don’t think about it. Twitter is good, because I choose who I follow, and thus are not friends but people/projects I care about. Take care!

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