KidsCase iPhone & iPad development

Hello everyone,

In last month I was working for Intermarum on a iPhone and iPad game called Kids Case . The game is made especially for children aged 2-5 to familiarise them with new technologies. Kids Case is a game which connect fun with learning. The legendary Memory Game or Puzzles can also be found in Kids Case. The entertaining is made up with beautiful graphics, which are to my liking.

So, after a short introduction, let’s talk about technical side of Kids Case. My task was to implement seven different small games which all together makes Kids Case. The path I chose was to first write all classes and keep images and xib files proper for iPod Touch, iPhone 2G-3GS and iPhone 4 which has twice  a resolution then his predecessor. So in this way I get proper scaling for all iPhones and iPod devices. When the app was ready for iPhones, the reasonable time for iPad came. What I wanted was one universal app. So I’ve marked my target and upgraded it for iPad. It have made a small changes in info.plist and a new iPad-ready .xib file of MainWindow where the app begins. And here I decided to make a new group specially for iPad with all classes rewritten. I don’t really know whether it was a right move or not. One thing I know, that it for sure keeps my project well organised.  Perhaps, I will change my mind one day but for now I somehow dislike condition statements all over the code.

This is my first iPhone app I’ve ever made. I’ve enjoyed the developing process. Apple delivered high-quality kit for developers. Documentation is well written and easy to navigate. For beginner iPhone developer as me, I found most helpful site on the internet. I highly recommend typing “” in google while looking for leads. I would like to post some code with gruelling algorithms, but unfortunately  I haven’t written any code to boast. The project was rather easy to implement, I have just dived in iPhone programming. Now when I know the rules, the Cocoa Touch  API, the Interface Builder, all the environment I’m going to made a game for my own. I can’t tell you exactly what it will be about. I will be just successively adding some new algorithms to the blog. Stay tuned, here I come appstore 😉


One thought on “KidsCase iPhone & iPad development

  1. Interesting and amazing that you’ve learned it all so shortly!
    Although I’ve never seen the term “gruelling algorithms” before. 😉
    I don’t know if it’s trivial, but perhaps people could be interested in your workflow for building apps for a few devices at once, and making what you call ‘an universal app’

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