From JesusFreke to CM- recovery..


I’ve spent so much time on updating my android software, that I want to share a solution with you.

What we want to do:

– install cm-recovery-1.4.img ( or similar )

– install  cyanogen mod

What we have:

– Donut 1.6

– JesusFreke recovery

What we tried:
(Here can be differences, no matter)

D:\Android\AndroidMod> adb shell
$ su
# cd /system
# cat /data/local/recovery.img > recovery.img
# flash_image recovery recovery.img

What is the problem?:

 /sbin/sh: flash_image: not found

I had this error every time.. I found something like fastboot, but JF recovery don’t support it..
There is one simple solution..
Downgrade your phone to 1.5 Cupcake, and than try what I’ve written above 😉
P.S Cyanogen is slow, it takes 10s to back to home screen. (G1)


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