Asker v6 – learn words

Hello everyone. I want to introduce my newest application “Asker“. The name is simply transformation of “Ask”, ‘cos this app is asking, examining you . For example, imagine that you want to learn Spanish. With all the grammar you are useless until you known words in Spanish. There is no method to know the words behind basically learn them. So I made a program in python which helps you to learn the new words. At first you must have the date base, you have 3 cases:

1. Make it by yourself in notepad

2. Make it by Asker builtin function

3. Download it from (for polish users)

And I really don’t want to post here all the Introduction because I have already did it in google code  project page.

If you have any issues, please report. Feel free to browse source code 😉

Regards, Tetek


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