It has been a long time since I ended TakeBus project but today I just want to share it here. It is my first python app ever. I see a lot of bugs there and it won’t probably works for you (prob you would never need this app). TakeBus is simple python app. I coded it because I could never remeber the bus table. As a student from highschool (Rybnik) which is not in my city(Rydułtowy)  I’m used to take bus to school and back. I’m android user so I have python interpreter in my pocket. This app contain 2 files: setup.py which connects to internet to get buses tables and than save it to the file. rozklad.py which ask me where am I and show me with which buses can I go to Rybnik or Rydułtowy.
You can find downloads files in sidebar;)


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