Nokia n91 HDD problem – Solved !

As you know I’m nokia n91 user. This is the best phone which I’ve ever had. (n-gage,n-gage QD, 6600,w810i, 9300i communicator etc…). Everything was Ok, yesterday I was downloading podcast by wi-fi, (305mb skate video)… In this time I was instaling new programs.. I was so stupid and I was installing programs which i don’t know what they are for.. Installing more and more.. and phone got slowly.. And, It was about 19:00 when the podcast got downloaded. So when I want to connect n91 in USB STORAGE mode it says that HDD is used by some application. Also it don’t want to format HDD for the same reason. I was looking for internet a lot of time to get some tips for it.. I found some post where was wrote “I return my nokia n91 to the servis..” That’s break my down… but I could belive, becouse it looks like software problem, so I clicked a symbian s60 format code (*#7370#), and i stared to format my phone, but it doesn’t work as a result. “that HDD is used by some application” all the time… But I solved this problem.

As you know, or don’t know when remove the back cover the HDD is not working.. So what you must to do in points:
1. Removed back cover
2. Restart phone
3. After restarting put back cover
4. And very fast connect to the usb cable ( very fast because any other app. can’t start working on HDD)
5. Than backup your files
7. Now your phone must be working, do a format from a phone (Disk Manager), for sure that’s everything is OK.)
8. Now you can enjoy your nokia n91, and remember to install only useful software.

I decided to install only the best software, so I will write what I have installed on my phone!
And remember to install nokia soft updater and update your soft, it will be more compatible for sure!
I wish I helped you, If you have any problems, please write in comments 😉
In the next update! Nokia headphones pilot HS-28 ! Amazing thing !


5 thoughts on “Nokia n91 HDD problem – Solved !

  1. hi sir,

    iam nokia n91 8gb a doctor.when i wan in some magnetic surroundings my phone gave one beep sound.after that my hard drive data was lost.after that i could not load any music files.automatically it gets deleted.

    but the hard drive is space is there.but gets deleted.can this problem be solved or the hard drive can be changed.

  2. thank u 4 ur help but it isn t clearly.because i won’t lose my data on hdd, i want just removed these fuked app that are not in app manager,it refuse to be uninstall

  3. Thank you very much for this.I had trouble for a long time and could not get my head around it.
    Finally my N91 is up to a 100% working condition again

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